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    Farewell beautyheaven!

    Hi beauties,

    I really can't believe my time has come to write one of these forum threads! I have had the pleasure of chatting to you loyal members across my time working on content, comps, Rewards Room and then marketing so thought it was only right to let you all know that sadly I am leaving beautyheaven.

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    Bouncing back from a breakup

    Hi beauties,

    Heartbreak is an almost inevitable part of life, we've all gone through it at one point or another in some form.

    I want to write a story on all the ways we can help ourselves bounce back after a heartbreak (weather that be a breakup, an unexpected loss of a loved one, a friendship breakup, unexpectedly losing your job) and I need your help!

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    Do you ever do your makeup while commuting?

    Hi beauties,

    I'm writing a piece on glam tricks for getting ready on your morning commute and would love to hear from any of you that do/have done your makeup either in the car (passenger seat of course), on the bus, on the train etc. Do you do anything differently than if you were doing your makeup at home? Any tips for doing it quickly and without messing up? Things like that! Comment below!

    Thanks xx


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    Have your acne/breakout questions answered!

    Hi beauties,

    Wanted to make this forum thread so you guys can ask any questions you have around acne/blemishes/breakouts, etc! We'll be chatting to a naturopath in the coming days so it's the perfect time to get them answered :) you can ask anything you're wondering about, e.g. do specific foods actually contribute to breakouts, etc.

    Can't wait to hear your q's!

    Delaney x

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    Looking for members who have difficult/inspiring hair stories!

    Hi beauties,

    We will be starting a series on bh where we write pieces on hair stories. The angle will be more about women's struggle with hair, how hair relates to our identity and finding peace with your hair. It could be anything from how you learned to accept your natural hair, experiencing hair issues like alopecia, feeling pressure to conform to hair norms etc...

    If you have an interesting/inspiring hair story please comment below or email me directly at lauren@beautyheaven.com.au.

    Thank you! xx


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    Have a question about natural skincare?

    Hi beauties,

    At our Natural Beauty Month event tomorrow we will have the super exciting opportunity to ask Sukin's skincare expert all our questions about natural skincare, with a focus on natural skincare for acne-prone skin.

    If you could please comment your questions below and we will get some of them answered tomorrow!

    x Jess

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    New bh community manager!

    Hi beauties,

    Just a quick note to let you know about some role changes here at bh!

    As of Monday, I will officially be retiring my community manager hat and taking on the role of hair and body + health editor.

    And best of all, bh's lovely Jess will now be transitioning into the community manager and content assistant role!

    For any issues please email Jess from now on at jessica@beautyheaven.com.au.

    Jess will still be handling trial teams until we find our new trial team coordinator. We will keep you posted on that.

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    Natural Beauty Month Event 2019

    Hi beauties,

    Wanted to make this forum thread for all of you lucky ladies attending our Natural Beauty Month event! Please post all relevant comments, queries or updates about this event in this thread.

    Can't wait to see you all there!

    Kindest, bh's Jess x

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    Rewards Room May 2019

    The Rewards Room is opening for the first time in 2019!

    As usual, please direct all your comments, conversations, questions and feedback in relation to the May Rewards Room 2019 in this thread. I'll also update this thread when we communicate new updates so you never miss a thing.

    If you're unsure what the Rewards Room is or have any questions I have popped some helpful links below.

    What is the Rewards Room? Watch this video where we break it down for you - https://www.beautyheaven.com.au/rewardsroom/what-is-beautorium

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    Ask a skincare expert

    Hi beauties!

    With natural beauty ingredients and anti-ageing both very hot topics at the moment, we've got an expert on board to answer all of your questions about the topic!

    So if you have any questions about what natural ingredients are good for anti-ageing and how they work, please submit them here.

    Thanks! x Deb